Hot Desking

December 3, 2017

Looking for hot desking services?

Located in the heart of Cheshire in the picturesque village of Lymm we offer hot desking available to utilise Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on a per hour and full day basis.  Grab a desk or sit at one of our two large tables, hook up to our Wi-Fi (included in charge) and you’re ready to go!


Flexible desk space in a FAB village location

Our Lymm Busness Centre is light and airy with a really good feel to the room it’s ideal for freelancers or home workers to retreat somewhere different to work and it’s ideal for meetings too!



Call us now to book yourself a seat or email for further information.


Charges are as follows:

Per hour per person £3

Full day per person £15

Part time per person 3 days per week £145 per month

Prices exclude VAT